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US DOT Shuts Down Asian Bus Operators


Last May, the US DOT took the very serious step of shutting down 26 Asian motor carriers who were considered to be “unsafe operators”, this following a series of well-publicized bus accidents in the Northeast. The companies were placed in 3 Groups and offered an ultimatum that the members of each Group consolidate into one company and present a Corrective Action Plan to explain how they would become compliant.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, however you wish to view the situation, the US DOT is not anxious to allow these companies to begin operating again because the entire matter has become a political hot potato. So, no matter what has been submitted, it has been rejected, and all the while, a good many of these companies have been forced to leave the industry because of it.

The US DOT, in trying to be careful, is operating at a sloth’s pace, and it remains to be seen whether any of the companies ever see the road again. Stay tuned for updates.

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