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Pending – Discontinuance of Commuter Service


The NJ State Legislature has proposed legislation that will require any bus company providing commuter bus service to provide all communities served with 45 days notice of the “intention” to file a Petition with the NJMVC to discontinue service. Present Regulations simply require the communities to be served with a copy of the “filed” Petition, giving 30 days notice of the request to discontinue service. Basically, the proposed legislation gives each community a minimum of 75 days notice, with a better opportunity to mobilize opposition, or possibly to negotiate a reduced level of service with the bus company. While the added notice period may be considered a hindrance to a proposed discontinuance, in actuality the NJMVC is not particularly receptive to any discontinuance of commuter service and does not usually act on the Petitions within the standard 30 day period. [Note: This Article was recently published by me in the GNJMA NEWSGRAM]

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