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NYS DOT Bus Filings


If you are a NJ bus operator and conduct business in New York State, then you would be well advised to get a New York State Department of Transportation (NYS DOT) Permit allowing you to operate in NY.  While the Permit is required to operate NY intrastate bus service, and you may not have a present intent to originate service in NY State, be rest assured that at some point in time you will be given the opportunity to operate a NY Charter trip, or you might want to take a tour group around NYC, or do a pick up at a NY area airport.

Better to be safe than sorry and possibly incur a $5000 fine.  Get the NYS DOT Permit which we can easily handle for you.

Updated 10/8/09:

Just so that there is no misunderstanding, and I get this every day, there are different types of operating authorities issued by the NYS DOT.  One authority is for charter operations, those occasional trips where someone or some group hires your bus for the day, regular route, where you operate daily service over a fixed route or time schedule, and contract carrier, where you provide service to a company, or a specific group, to transport their employees or members between locations according to a Contract for a specific period of time, with a daily, weekly or monthly payment for your transportation services.  Each form of service has a separate application and fee associated with it.

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