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NYC – Out of State Bus Violations


Whether it is a product of budget deficits, or simply a matter of limiting out of state bus traffic into New York City, the City Police and NYS DOT Inspectors are aggressively issuing Summonses for vehicle “violations” by buses.  Each violation carries with it a $1,000 fine and a required Court appearance in NYC Criminal Court.

Our law firm has been handling these violations for a number of Pennsylvania bus companies that regularly travel into NYC.  We know the City Regulations, especially how to comply with and establish to the Court’s satisfaction that repairs have been completed (within 24 hrs. of the violation), and as a result, we can get the Summonses dismissed with no fine, no Court costs, and most importantly, no required Court appearance except for a member of our firm.

If your driver receives a Summons for oeprating his bus with leaking oil, a defective taillight, brakes out of alignment, etc., please do your repair immediately, document it and contact our firm for representation.  You will be doing yourself a favor, and save some significant money at the same time.

Jerry A. Casser, Esq. (Fairfield NJ Transportation attorney)  www.jcasser.com


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