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NTSB Chairman Emphasizes Bus Safety


National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Chairman Mark V. Rosenker was the keynote speaker at the Annual Meeting of the Greater NJ Motorcoach Association (GNJMA) in Atlantic City on June 3rd. He urged New Jersey based motorcoach operators to take action when accidents occur and make safety improvements that will bring the industry closer to an accident free environment.

Chairman Rosenker focused on some of the most notable highway accidents in recent years and the safety recommendations that have resulted from the NTSB investigations.

Rosenker pointed out that tragedies like the collapse of the Boston “Big Dig” tunnel ceiling panel and the Minneapolis bridge not only attract huge amounts of media attention, but also shake Americans’ confidence in their nation’s roadways. “Our job at the NTSB is to restore the confidence of the traveling public after a major transportation disaster by conducting an unbiased, independent investigation to determine the cause of the accident and find solutions to prevent it from happening again.”

In his closing remarks, Rosenker called on the New Jersey motorcoach industry to “find a maintenance improvement, implement a new operational policy, provide better training, embrace a new technology, but take action and do something different.” Rosenker concluded by saying, “Therefore, my charge to you is, when accidents occur, which they inevitably will, take action, and do something to make your company a safer place for your passengers, your employees, your families, and your community.”

GNJMA is a regional organization of motorcoach operators for which I serve as General Counsel. We represent the interests of motorcoach operators in our Region and promote safe and cost efficient operations. For information on membership, please contact me.

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