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NJ MVC No Longer Seems To Be Issuing Operating Authority


The NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, which has regulatory control over bus companies operating within the State of NJ, has apparently stopped issuing operating authority and is simply allowing bus companies to operate as they see fit. The Agency does not issue Charter Authority, directing applicants instead to the FMCSA, with its higher insurance requirements, and whenever possible doing the same with Regular Route Authority except in those instances where the Route has no relationship or nexus with interstate operations.

I have, however, been successfully obtaining Shuttle Bus or Van Authority for vans and minibuses serving temporary employment agencies, shuttling temps to their work locations when they have no other available transportation, but that’s it.

The MVC over the last decade has operated as a one man shop and under the Murphy Administration, further cost cutting is expected and complete elimination of regulatory oversight is to be expected.

Jerry A. Casser, Esq. (Fairfield NJ Transportation attorney) www.jcasser.com


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