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NJ Moving Ahead on Exempting Out of State Bus Operators from Corporate Business Tax


For some time, NJ has not been customer friendly insofar as dealing with out of state bus operators coming into NJ to deliver casino patrons to Atlantic City.  NJ has been insisting on collecting their fair share of revenues under the NJ Business Corporation Tax, even though the business originates out of state.

NJ has gone as far as seizing out of state buses and holding them hostage until Returns are filed and taxes paid.  As a direct result of this activity, out of state operators have found more customer friendly destinations for their casino patrons.

Right now a NJ Senate Committee has approved a Bill which would exempt the out of state bus operators conducting business in NJ.  This has been viewed as a special case, to help out the faltering AC Casino business.   This is far from a done deal, since the full Senate still has to vote on the Bill and the Assembly Bill awaits a Committee Hearing, bit it’s progress.

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