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Marketing Your Company – State Bus Associations


One of the best marketing ideas for your bus company is to join a State Bus Association. I personally have been an active Member of two, BANY (Bus Association of New York) and GNJMA (Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association) which succeeded ACBOA  (Atlantic City Bus Owners Association), for which I served as Legal Counsel for 25 or so years. These Associations employ lobbyists and keep their ears to the ground on all issues involving the bus industry in their states, and carry the weight that you, as an individual bus or bus company owner, cannot do, to influence legislation. Whether it a parking or a tax issue, the Associations can speak for a large group of operators and accomplish so much to benefit your business.

As an example, when I served as Counsel to GNJMA(Greater NJ Motorcoach Association), I was able to persuade the South Jersey Transportation Authority that their enabling legislation, which permitted SJTA to restrict routes of travel in Atlantic City, require daily fees for entering the City, and force operators to park at one high priced parking facility, was no longer valid, thereby opening up opportunities for buses to travel to AC less hampered by government intrusion.

If you regularly travel to NYC, join BANY (Bus Association of New York). If you regularly travel to AC, join GNJMA (Greater NJ Motorcoach Association). Neither is especially expensive and they both have a basketful of benefits for the price of a membership.  If you would like more information on either Association, please feel free to contact me.

Jerry A. Casser, Esq. (Fairfield NJ Transportation attorney) www.jcasser.com


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