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FMCSA Vetting Process a Disaster


I have written a series of posts on this issue and had thought that the FMCSA had worked the kinks out of the system.  Not so.  The people working in the Vetting Office appear to be in their first jobs and have no clue about bus operations.  The most common response that I get is to “wait for a letter”, or that “the Application has been approved subject to posting in the Register”, except the letter does not get sent and the posting does not occur.

I’m at a loss to explain to clients the reasons for the delays.  We have had several Applications dismissed for failure to respond to the unreceived letters and have had to pay $300 for reinstatement.

This is still a work in prgress.

Jerry A. Casser, Esq. (Fairfield, NJ Transportation Attorney) www.jcasser.com


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