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FMCSA New Entrant Safety Regs



On Wednesday, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) began enforcing its New Entrant Safety Assurance Process Rule, which requires newly registered bus companies to meet stricter safety requirements.


This final rule raises the compliance standards for passing new entrant safety audits and requires that new carriers correct safety deficiencies before being granted permanent registration.


Under the new requirements, a newly registered bus company will automatically fail its safety audit if violations of any one of 16 essential Federal Regulations are discovered. These Regulations cover controlled substances and alcohol testing, hours-of-service rules, driver qualifications, vehicle condition and carrier insurance responsibility.


Failure to pass a new entrant safety audit may result in revocation of a bus company’s registration, unless that company takes corrective action within a time period established by the FMCSA.  Additionally, if certain violations are discovered during roadside inspections, the new bus company may be subject to an expedited safety audit or a compliance review that can result in fines or an out-of-service order.


A number of my clients who are new bus companies are receiving letters from the FMCSA advising that they have not responded to audit inquiries.  I am advising every new bus company to be on the look out for the letters, or the telephone calls received, seeking to conduct the audit, and not to ignore them, if they wish to continue in business.


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