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Changes Coming for Atlantic City


During the past week the Press has reported on Gov. Christie’s proposals for revamping the Atlantic City Casino District which involves simplifying and consolidating multiple functions that affect the casino industry.  One of the byproducts of this may be its effect on the casino bus industry.

As the casino business has tumbled during the economic downturn, the bus companies that have brought thousands of people each day to AC have similarly suffered a downturn and have either reduced their service to Atlantic City, or redirected their business to the new Pennsylvania casinos, the Connecticut casinos, and Delaware and NY slot markets.

I recently testified before a Commission created by the Governor and chaired by the Lt. Governor presenting the issues which affect the NJ bus companies who deal with Atlantic City.  The bus industry needs a strong Atlantic City Casino market in order to generate passengers for their service, and I emphasized to the Commission the need to assist the bus companies with regard to tax issues, bus routing within AC, signage, offsite bus inspections, and generally to make Atlantic City more consumer and bus friendly.  The 

The casino’s benefit from the bus service and the bus companies benefit from an attractive destination to offer to their patrons.  It’s a Catch-22 situation, and maybe my comments did not fall on entirely deaf ears.

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