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Attention: Pennsylvania Bus Operators


If your buses travel to NJ or NYC and you receive motor vehicle violations which require you to appear in NJ Municipal Courts or NY Criminal Courts to answer the Summonses, be aware of the fact that as corporations, you must be represented by Legal Counsel and may have to have a representative of your company appear in Court as well.

Our law firm specializes in all transportation matters for bus companies and we are admitted to practice in NJ and in NY.  We can make the appearances for you, usually without a representative from your company appearing, and negotiate the best possible settlement of the violations charged against your company.  If the violations are equipment related, i.e. brake lights, warning triangles,first aid kits, leaking oil or transmission fluid, etc., proof that the repairs have been done within 24 hrs. is generally accepted to permit a dismissal and waiver of penalties.

Please call our firm for legal respresentation if you receive any Summonses in NJ or NYC.

Jerry A. Casser, Esq. (Fairfield NJ Transportation attorney) www.jcasser.com






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