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Atlantic City Bus Management Rules


In the Spring of 2017, as the result of numerous exchanged correspondence and consultations with Counsel for the SJTA, I was able to confirm that the Bus Management Rules had expired in late 2016 and were not re-enacted or replaced. [Note: The original enactment of the Bus Management Rules had a 7 year life, and additionally had a limited time period within which they could have been renewed for an additional 7 year period, which did not happen.]  Consequently, I advised on my Blog and to my many clients that travel to Atlantic City that there were no longer any requirements that Bus Operators purchase the Daily Permits or Fleet Medallions, no parking restrictions and no route restrictions into or out of Atlantic City.

Thereafter, SJTA published in the NJ Register a Notice of Proposed Rule Making by which they formally acknowledged that their Rules of Operation had expired on November 16, 2016 and they were proposing to adopt new Rules of Operation.

The “new” Rules of Operation leave it up to the individual bus operators going to Atlantic City to use whichever routes within the City and County that they choose; allow the operator to park in any legal lot or location; eliminate the requirement for Permits and Medallions; and eliminate the issuance of summonses by SJTA.


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